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Let's help the 1000+ folks affected by the recent Shopify layoffs find new roles. If this includes you please submit your profile . Newly added profiles appear first.

Justin Ryan Kim


Justin Ryan Kim is a Creative Director of 12 years based in NYC.

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Sindoora Iyer

Sales & Marketing

I'm Sindoora Iyer, a data-driven digital marketing, content & comms strategist with a background in copywriting.

I have 12 years of experience across Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Localization, User Experience, Branding & Comms, Digital Analytics and Advertising. I've also worked in various sectors including SaaS, tech, insurance, real estate and hospitality.

My expertise lies in data-driven strategizing, project management, developing sustainable engagement programs, maximizing the use


Brian Potstra


Former Staff Marketing Designer at Shopify Plus, plus a multitude of UX design experience for product, as well as branding, content, research, and just having a good time being creative.

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Sean Garrity


I'm a tech nerd with 10 years of experience in the tech industry, with the last 5 being at Shopify.

I was handling all payment partnerships in the EMEA region for Shopify, which included 25 of Shopify’s top payment partners, and assisted them in the migration to Shopify’s new payments platform.

I was also seeking out new partnerships to expand Shopify’s global reach so that merchants had the most relevant payment options in their regions to sell on Shopify.

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Richard Cooper


Hi 👋

I am an established Content Designer who has authored content at cool places like Shopify, VMware, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Most recently, I focused on improving the DX of Shopify Partners through the use of human-first language to simplify the scaffolding of an app in a scratch-built CLI.

I've co-authored principles and values for the entire Design org at VMware while leading DEI as it relates to Accessibility within the design system.

I'm looking to continue making impact.


Pina Belperio


My background in a nutshell: Experienced Technical Writer and Trainer, with 15 years experience in fintech, media and defence sectors. Spent the last 4.5 years working as Fraud & Risk Analyst in e-commerce compliance & fraud detection.

Highly motivated and detail-oriented. Looking for ways to improve business processes and outcomes in the Fraud and Risk arenas. Always learning. Looking for a remote and challenging fraud analyst position.

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Shenoah Plewes


UX researcher with 5 years experience helping teams gather the information to move forward with their riskiest decisions.

I focus on qualitative methods and working on ambiguous problem spaces. I also love partnering with data scientists when there's the chance.

If you know of any opportunities for UX researchers to work closely with decision makers, send them my way! I'm open to working remotely or relocation for the right opportunity.


Christy Fletcher

Project Management

I've spent 7 years cutting complexity at Shopify and filling my tech role hat-rack: Operations, product, technical onboarding, Knowledge Management, research, and enablement.

In Operations, I accelerated R&D onboarding by removing process for my team, learners, and leads.

On the Product Support Network, I bridged silos, was a Support <> RnD conduit, and leveraged research and deep product knowledge to make sure we always shipped what's best for our users.

Let me help you navigate ambiguity!


Jonathan Speziali

Talent Acquisition

Hi, I'm Jon!

I've been in the recruitment space for almost 7 years and love what I do. I've worked in agency & staffing environments as well as corporate in-house, experienced in full Cycle and centralized models, and for the last 4 years, found my love for technical recruiting.

I've worked with teams of 2 to 100+, and I'm all about improving the candidate experience.

If you think I can make an impact with your team, I'd love to hear from you!


Bobak Shafiei


Learning designer who knows how to code, do video, and other things.


Keith Brougham

Project Management

Hello! I'm Keith. I worked at Shopify since 2020. In my time I went from a front line support advisor to Commercial Acceleration quickly. I worked with all size merchants from new to enterprise to help scale their business.

I brought ASL to Shopify as a support language as well. I have lots of experience running projects and scaling solutions.


Victoria Depencier

Project Management

I specialize in large-scale technical project and program management, driving alignment across disciplines, leading remote and globally-dispersed initiatives, as well as building and launching software products.

I am looking for something in program or product management for my next role.


Andrew McCauley

Back-End Development

I'm a developer, advocate, and leader who has spent the last 9 years working for Shopify. ~6 of those have been spent working directly with Shopify's API, app store, and app partners. If you had an app published to Shopify's app store in that time, the odds are good we've interacted!

If you're looking for someone to fill a tech partnership, developer advocate, or backend developer role, please reach out. I'd love to chat!

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Michael Venditti

Content & Copywriting

I am a writer with a background in Fine Arts education. I author accessible, inclusive, and empathetic language to support the relationship between products and users.

My job is to encourage creative solutions in new and evolving circumstances.

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Hannah Schmidt


I'm a content designer obsessed turning data into clear, delightful content. My background in both anthropology and finance inform my approach to distilling complex ideas to make them broadly accessible.

At Shopify, I focused on the new merchant journey in multiple areas including marketing and the core product.

I'm currently looking for Netherlands or EU-based roles in Content Design or UX Writing.

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Natasha Sawires (She/Her)

Community Management

Sr. Global Merchant Engagement Manager, responsible for building high impact programming for the 200 most strategic Shopify brands. The focus has been regional scalability, retention, engagement and product adoption. Also held roles in Community Operations and Partner Engagement.

Big on strategy and program design.

In search of managing in the Engagement and Community realm. *Bonus points if a company fills my creative cup and has an LGBTQ+ employee resource group!


Kwan Lam

Full-Stack Development

Software Engineering with exposure to both frontend and backend development. I have worked mostly with React/Typescript, GraphQL, and Ruby on Rails.

I have worked at Shopify for 1.5+ years as a full-time and almost a year as an intern. Previous to that, I interned at Amazon and SAP.

In my next role, I would like to continue building my skills in backend development and also my system designing skills.


Andrew Webb

Content & Copywriting

Hi folks! I'm a content designer with experience in content writing, SEO, and UX. I would love to continue as a content designer with my next team, either in marketing or the product UX side.

My experience as a freelancer has made me pretty independent, so I love working in small teams where everyone understands the balance between collaboration and accountability. I hope we can chat soon!

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Cailey McCormack

Project Management

A high performing senior lead with experience in the ecommerce and educational recruitment industries. An ambitious professional, with a strong customer support leadership and project management background.

Excels in high performance team development, balancing senior level stakeholders, and developing and executing strategies to deliver on revenue business goals. Brings 5 years of remote work experience.


Kimberlee Howley

Content & Copywriting

I'm always thinking about three kinds of PRs.

Pull requests, because I've worked on building docs platforms and writing developer documentation at Shopify and Daily. Press releases, because I worked in marketing and communications at Stripe and at an agency. Personal records, because I'm a six-time marathoner.

In my next role, I hope to combine my writing, editing, and technical skills.

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Zachary Beck

Content & Copywriting

I entered the software industry as a technical writer in 2017. Since then, my work has spanned the gamut of roles involving communication and UX: content design, UX writing, and product documentation.

Finding the right words and, just as importantly, where they need to go is the most exciting part of my work. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to learn about a new technology and the people who use it.


Andrea Anderson

Content & Copywriting

I'm a senior technical writer and editor with experience writing for developers and other technical audiences. I'm passionate about helping people get things done.

At Shopify, I wrote developer-focused content for Shopify.dev, managed the Partner docs, and honed my editing skills with an amazing team of writers and editors.

I'm looking for a role that will challenge me, with a company whose mission I can believe in.


Mindy Ratcliff

Full-Stack Development

Software Engineer leveraging 10 years of teaching experience. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Java, JavaScript. Organized, hard-working, and fast-paced.

I am a lifelong learner who enjoys a challenge. Meticulous attention to detail, and I thrive on developing a strong team bond and making friends with those around me. I work hard but I laugh hard, too.

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Clare Price


I love working with teams and leaders to help them work better together, to communicate better to be the best version of themselves as people, leaders and team members.

Facilitating meetings, exploring perspectives, training and coaching people are what motivates me. Seeing people grow their knowledge and understanding is hugely satisfying for them and for those around them.


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