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Let's help the 1000+ folks affected by the recent Shopify layoffs find new roles. If this includes you please submit your profile . Newly added profiles appear first.

Christa Ellis

Account Management

Christa has spent the last 5 years working in ecommerce, she is primarily specialized in account management, partnerships, and community.

She has always been merchant-facing, and has a lot of experience working directly with entrepreneurs from SMBs to enterprise. She is used to wearing many hats and collaborating with different teams, including sales, marketing, product, partners and support.


Halley Trusler

Account Management

I was a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus for nearly 5 years.

As a strategic advisor, I partnered with and managed a portfolio of some of Shopify’s biggest and fastest-growing enterprise-level companies and brands.

My main objectives were to identify growth and revenue generating opportunities, and collaborate on complex business solutioning.

Looking for my next career opportunity in either Customer Success, Account Management, Project Management, Partner Management, Ecomm Specialist


Lulu Asaraei

Account Management

I am an Enterprise technical Account Manager/ Customer Success Manager and I have been working for Shopify for 4.5 years as Success Manager, working with enterprise and complex merchants.

I am Canadian, was transferred to Germany from Shopify North American team to help Shopify EMEA team grow, and currently reside in Germany with Shopify Visa.

Looking for my next position in Germany or Europe for first choice, and I will move back to Canada for a great role.


Amin Sharifi

Account Management

As part of the SFN team, I was responsible for addressing concerns and questions about the platform and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients in all aspects of their fulfillment account with us, from logistic issues in shipping, receiving and delivery to their billing and finances. I think I would best perform in an account or project management role, and look forward to working in a team to improve and expand a new or existing product.

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