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Wednesday, July 27th 2022

If you were affected by Shopify's recent round of layoffs, I want to help. Many of us, including myself, have been in the position of losing our jobs unexpectedly. It's never easy — regardless of the generous package offered.

Shopify hire great people, they even hired me, so perhaps there are always exceptions! No, seriously, they do. Their talent team is second to none (I know, I poached a few in my time there). So if you're looking for talent, let's help the 1000+ folks waking up to a different reality find new roles.

If you're one of those affected and would like your profile to appear here, click the big pink button and submit your details (there's no catch, it's 100% free). I'll update on a daily(ish) basis and share as far and wide as I can.

If you're looking for talent, please follow @workwithshop on Twitter for updates.

Who's behind this? My name is Keir Whitaker, and I worked at Shopify from 2012-2018. I still work in the ecosystem today, mostly with solo founders of Shopify-focused businesses. Hopefully, together, we can help other ex-green bags prosper.

And finally, your help is appreciated — please share the URL and let's help as much as we can.

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