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Let's help the 2000+ folks affected by the May 2023 Shopify layoffs find new roles. All profiles added since May 2023. Newly added profiles appear first.

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Aarthiga Sivakumar

Talent Acquisition

Hey there 👋 I’m TA enthusiast with a passion for recruiting a company’s greatest asset - their people! ❤️ I have 7 years of recruitment and HR experience in both technical and non technical hiring. I am located in Toronto and looking for Hybrid or Remote work.

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Alex Roy

Human Resources

I am a Certified Human Resources Professional and People, Culture
and Talent enthusiast with 4+ years of diverse experience. I am
excited to join a collaborative organization to support, reshape and
grow the people, culture and talent function and build industry
leading employee experience programs for exiting, current and
incoming employees. Let's build something special!
I am located in Toronto and looking for Hybrid or Remote work.

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Andrew Jung


Experienced Software Engineer with ~6 years of experience in full stack, mostly backend development. Experienced with various languages (Python, Go, JavaScript, Ruby) and cloud technologies.

At Shopify I worked in production engineering, on the assets team managing assets for all of Shopify (think images/animations, JavaScript/CSS, anything static) files and all of the infrastructure behind it (CDN, etc)

Looking for full stack/backend engineering roles, based in Toronto, open to remote/hybrid.

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Arunika Dhal

Full-Stack Development

I interned with Shopify a couple of times, first as a Developer and then as a Production Engineer, before joining permanently in Jan this year as a Full-Stack Developer. I have worked on planning, prototyping, and shipping some great products.

I am a quick learner and a highly adaptable and enthusiastic developer with a growth mindset. I am looking for early career developer roles (in Toronto, remote or hybrid) where I can challenge myself, work on exciting new products, and make a real impact!

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Derman Sultan


I'm Derman Sultan 👋, a product designer based in Toronto. I worked at Shopify as a design intern for over a year.

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects across different industries and disciplines, including supply chain management, data analysis, financial technology, e-commerce, and digital health and wellness.

I'm open to agency, internship / part-time roles

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Ian Hartlen

Project Management

I have over 10 years experience in operational and program/project management roles, where I've helped organizations deliver large scale initiatives and ship some truly impactful products. My work in both the public and private sectors has impacted hundreds of thousands of people, won awards and has been featured by Apple, TechCrunch and the Premier of Ontario. Based in Toronto.

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Imad Ghani

Data Science

A full-stack data scientist that has worked on many strategic enterprise-wide intiatives at the C-suite level. Toronto based, potentially willing to relocate.

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Soren Sabet Sarvestany

Data Science

I am a Senior Data Scientist with 5 years of combined experience in product analytics, machine learning, and NLP. I have an MSc. in Computer Science and a BaSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto.

I am looking for remote data science/machine learning roles in Canada or Sweden!

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Ying He

Front-End Development

Hello, I am Ying He, located in Toronto, Canada.

My focus has been on driving frontend teams by establishing processes and standards, fostering collaboration, and devising a shared build strategy. I have built many projects from start to finish including a banking app, ecommerce websites, a browser extension, to a design system.

Please reach out if you are looking for a leader in the frontend space.

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