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Let's help the 1000+ folks affected by the recent Shopify layoffs find new roles. If this includes you please submit your profile . Newly added profiles appear first.

Shireen Patel

Customer Support

I'm Shireen, and I was a Technical Support Advisor at Shopify, Canada's leading e-commerce platform, where I resolved technical issues on merchant stores and coached them to improve their business operations and generate revenue.

I love working on e-commerce stores and sharing my knowledge of Shopify. If you need help with starting a store or need help with resolving technical issues, let's connect :) I am looking for a new opportunity and would love to chat if you are hiring! Thank you!

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Emma Hyde

Sales & Marketing

Emma has 7+ years of experience in lifecycle marketing, product marketing, and content creation working across organizations to refine and customize end-to-end strategies for customer engagement.

Familiar with balancing business analytics with customer empathy while building out useful and compelling marketing campaigns in both email and chat formats. Excels at understanding and navigating competing team priorities or data constraints and complications to build out hyper-contextual campaigns.


Yarden Bernstein


Hi :), I'm Yarden, a product designer from Israel. I worked at Shopify for a year on Shop app as part of the Growth team.

I am a team player, professional and talented, with a lot of motivation!

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Brittney Roy


I am a people-first leader with over 12 years in the customer service industry, 6 of which have been dedicated to guiding, coaching and developing teams ranging between 8-14 people.

I am naturally resourceful, inquisitive and competitive and won't settle for anything less than first place. My experience in management ranges from hands-on coaching and guidance to quality assurance and analytical dives into metrics.

I am looking to continue my journey in team management and build my skill set.


Christa Ellis

Account Management

Christa has spent the last 5 years working in ecommerce, she is primarily specialized in account management, partnerships, and community.

She has always been merchant-facing, and has a lot of experience working directly with entrepreneurs from SMBs to enterprise. She is used to wearing many hats and collaborating with different teams, including sales, marketing, product, partners and support.


Taylor Braun

Talent Acquisition

I am a full-cycle recruiter with sourcing experience. I was the sole commercial sales recruiter who was hiring account executives in all segments (enterprise, mid-market, SMB) for North America.

I sourced candidates using various tools such as LinkedIn, GEM, and social media. I'm comfortable with any ATS, and I know what hiring at scale during hyper growth looks like.

I would love to continue my recruiting journey with my next company; I think I can bring a lot of value to the TA team.


Sid Savara


Senior Software Engineering Manager ex-Shopify, ex-Walmart Global Tech

Technology leader with 19 years of total software engineering experience, including 9+ years leading globally distributed teams.

Emphasis on agile delivery, innovation, best practices, reliability, delivering technology solutions and empowering and mentoring team members to become experts and leaders.


Aleksandr Ushkov


Hi, I was working at Shopify for more than 5 years. Started as a Senior QA Engineer, and then leading a team of 12 amazing professionals as a Development Manager across different countries.

I was responsible for interviewing, hiring and expanding the team (from 2 persons to 12), their professional growth, planning the test activities and deciding on the test frameworks (TestCafe, Cypress.io) and tools for each feature team, as well as 121's, organizing team buildings.


Jesse Laprade

Content & Copywriting

Hey there, I'm Jesse. I worked on the developer and API documentation team as a technical writer, and on the editing team as an editor. I have experience in writing tutorials, readmes, software and mechanical manuals, changelogs, release notes, API doc strings, compiler messages, setup guides, and many more.

When I'm not working, I enjoy making programming projects (git.m455.casa). I love gathering information from developers because I always get to learn something new every time!

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Halley Trusler

Account Management

I was a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus for nearly 5 years.

As a strategic advisor, I partnered with and managed a portfolio of some of Shopify’s biggest and fastest-growing enterprise-level companies and brands.

My main objectives were to identify growth and revenue generating opportunities, and collaborate on complex business solutioning.

Looking for my next career opportunity in either Customer Success, Account Management, Project Management, Partner Management, Ecomm Specialist


Alejandro Strus


Originally from Canada, I’m based in Germany. I have wide ranging experience across tech and finance in physical security project management, with additional experience in academia (PhD in progress) and management consulting.

For Shopify I was the local PM for security projects – a one man show as the only security team member in EMEA. I’m looking for a new role leading physical security and risk projects, preferably from Berlin Germany - but open to hybrid arrangements.


Ilya Nikiporov


I'm a strong technical problem-solver with extensive knowledge of E-commerce SaaS platforms. I have intimate knowledge of RubyOnRails environments with a focus on back-end development and familiarity with modern cloud-based web technologies.

I am able to leverage my educational background by communicating complex concepts and ideas to a broader audience. I strive to be a lifelong learner, and I am a dedicated and engaged contributor to any team.


Alfrieda Gant

Talent Acquisition

Experienced Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner with 8+yrs exp - Social Media for Recruiting: LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Indeed, Glassdoor.

I focus on providing qualified IT/Software Development professionals to clients by taking a consultative approach. When you understand a candidate's individual strengths, career goals & passion, you can successfully navigate them to the right opportunity for organizational success!


Mallory Richard

Content & Copywriting

Hi, I'm Mallory!

I'm a technical writer and instructional designer with exceptional communication skills, prepared to create, edit and improve documentation for an optimal user experience. I'm skilled in analyzing user needs to design content that is accessible and meaningful to the targeted audience.

Whether it's in customer-facing content or internal documentation and training, I'm committed to helping people understand (and love) technology and big ideas.


Sean Watson

Audio Visual

An experienced technical producer and audiovisual technician effective at bringing projects from concept to reality.

Eager to contribute high-quality work in a diverse array of production and content creation initiatives. Over 15 years of extensive experience using cameras, audio, lighting, and various production equipment.

Extraordinarily knowledgeable and recognized industry-wide for excellent leadership and innovation. Exceptional in customer satisfaction and working alongside other company


Trevor Anders


I'm a physical security operations specialist who has built a career in managing security operations in entertainment and corporate environments.

I have a unique variety of experience in events, sports, travel, and entertainment venues, and specialize in building effective teams that commit to achieving goals and outcomes.


Joey Liu

Front-End Development

Hey, I'm Joey, a Front end/web developer who had working experience at Shopify and Tesla Inc.

I'm strong on Front end developing technologies, such as React.js, Redux, GraphQL, Typescript, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

Feel free to contact me by sending an email to zhiyiliu1989@yahoo.com if you have a developer opportunity for me.

Thanks in advance.


Linda Kerec

Content & Copywriting

Hi! I'm an award-winning senior communications manager.

I have 15 years of experience leading content teams and building strategy for internal and external communication. My areas of expertise are video, editorial and digital marketing & communications.

At Shopify, I managed video content from strategy to delivery. I also have agency experience as Project and Account Director, reporting to the CEO.

Looking for a senior content or comms role. Located in GTA remote/hybrid preferred.


Sarah Jorgensen

Talent Acquisition

Hi there!

Throughout my career in recruitment, I’ve held a deep care for candidate and customer experience.
I have grown and developed my skills recruiting for tech roles ranging from entry level to VP.

Prior to my experience in Mergers & Acqusitions, I was a Recruitment Lead, overseeing Merchant Experience hiring for Shopify across North America.

These roles included Customer Success and Technical Implementation and key leadership within these teams.


Diana Chung

Sales & Marketing

I'm a people first sales leader with 10+ years of experience on the front lines hiring, coaching, and upskilling gritty sales teams.

With a proven track record of sales excellence, I believe great results are achieved with great people. With an obsession for learning and knack for coaching, I'm at my best when I'm onboarding and training hungry sales teams to smash goals and delight their customers. And enabling a culture that's proud to be in sales.

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Carolyn Schissler


Hey, I'm Carolyn! 👋

I'm a designer with experience working with Shopify Plus and more recently Shopify Brand.

Developed skills in:

UX/UI design
Marketing design

I'm passionate about finding a new creative opportunity where I can apply my technical skills to solve problems.

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Haylee DeHooge

Talent Acquisition

Hi there! I am a reliable and results-driven HR professional who is currently pursuing the CHRP designation. I have hands-on experience with high-volume end-to-end hiring and developing HR solutions.

In my next role, I'd love to work with a supportive and strategic team to create impactful experiences for candidates and employees alike.


Shawn Francis

Project Management

I'm a data-informed problem solver who is passionate about growing and scaling companies by removing inefficiencies and creating amazing UX experiences.

In my last 8+ years at Shopify, I acquired skills by collaborating with teams from Engineering, UX Design, Support, Marketing, Data and Shopify Plus down to their core principles.

In this time, I collaborated on the inception of Shopify Plus and Experts Marketplace.
I’m looking for a role in Product, Project / Program Management, UX, or Customer Success.


Kris Hill

Data & Research

I have 10+ years in data and research analysis. I also write, edit, and proofread. I'm open to any area of work as I love learning new things and I am quick to pick things up.


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